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Health Is Not A Luxury, It Is A Necessity, ML Magazine BY: Maurice Loeb 


Maurice Loeb is an International Environmental Health and Lifestyle Consultant.  For more information about the author, visit about me portion of the 


In a continuing series, our environmental health and lifestyle consultant offers important insight on the benefits of a healthier home environment and healthier lifestyle solutions that can enhance the quality of life for you and your family. 


You have heard it said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, and truer words have never been spoken.  The contemporary health buzz word in our society today is “Wellness” which is not the same as “Cure”. Wellness is not having been sick or ill and then being but rather wellness is a healthy state of being, and total wellness begins with you and your family in your home environment. 

I would be the first to say that Western medicine and doctors generally do a marvelous job of illness diagnosing, crisis management and specialty medicine and deserve our respect, as such I recommendation their services. However, we have a responsibility for our own health and wellness, and the best way to acquire this health is through prevention and the focus of your wellness environment – your home. Unfortunately, most of our health challenges and s are directly related to lifestyle choices and our environment. 

A hundred years ago, the average person lived to be 48 years old, today however the average person lives to be 76 years old.  We have developed the ability to live longer and healthier. Science predicts that people who take responsibility for their own health and life could live to be 100 years old or longer. How is this possible?  Improvements in science and natural modalities keep improving our quality of health, lifestyle, and the environment to live a healthier more productive life. 

We are constantly being bombarded with health education information.  You are most likely already seeing and hearing more and more about the power of healthier foods with the support of scientific studies.  These studies include information on nutritional whole food supplements, which are known to prevent , promote wellness and to reduce long term health care costs, and the benefits of regular healthy exercise for wellness and prevention, not just for cosmetic purposes.  It is a known fact that you will live a better quality life when you exercise at least 90 minutes per week. 

We are also being educated more and more on the health effects of toxic air and water. Public messages that promote a safe environment are worldwide. Another hazard of concern that we are being educated on whenever opening a newspaper or magazine, or watching TV, is the importance of proper sleep and stress reduction, which could help improve mental function and other heath challenges. What this means is that common sense medicine of proper eating habits, the power of supplementation, exercise, clean air, clean alkaline water to drink and shower in, rest and relaxation, and stress management techniques are the answers to good health and longevity. 

There are scientific benefits to all these individual components. Unfortunately there is a division spreading around the world between the healthy and those promoting wellness and those that are declining in health. There are a small group of people who wisely see the future to do all that they can do to maintain that wellness and educate themselves. You also have the mentality of some people who are compelled to get well. Why wait to change your life after being told you have clogged arteries, fibromyalgia, , diabetes, allergies, migraines, joint pain, asthma and the list goes on.  Rather ask yourself, if I have all the financial opportunities at my disposal, which side am I on, the wellness side or the sick side?  The answer should be clear but if you don’t have a clear cut direction or plan, you are slowly becoming part of the sick epidemic. 

If you were advised when you first started smoking cigarettes that you would get within a year would you ever start? 

The essence of true wellness is a way of life.  You don’t have to move, remodel or change your life to obtain that essence, just incorporate modern scientific technologies and a different mindset into your life.  There are 7 essence of wellness values that I like to promote, which each letter of the word E.S.S.E.N.C.E. represents, these are: 

E – Eat correctly. S – Sleep properly. S – Proper whole food supplementation. E – Exercise regularly and properly. N – Natural, pure, alkaline drinking water. C – Clean air with negative ions. E – Eliminate stress with rest and relaxation. 

We have come a long way in bridging the gap between Eastern Philosophy and Western Technology. Because of that advancement we get to benefit from the solutions to all of those health challenges. The 7 wellness values of ESSENCE will make you and keep you well, but only if you are wise enough to choose to act upon them. If parents lead by example the children will see and feel the benefits and adopt them for life.  I have a picture in my mind of every home an environment that promotes health and prevents worldwide. 

The human body is a miraculous feat of engineering made up of seventy-five trillion cells, and today our bodies are under siege from an onslaught of health challenges in quantities and combinations we have never before experienced.  The body will itself if you give it the correct tools, but if your home is where you sleep, eat, entertain, and raise your family then what can you do to make it an environmentally safe and healthy place for you and your loved ones, to make it a environment? 

The purpose of this article and articles to follow is to promote the importance and wisdom of creating balance in your environmental and lifestyle health challenges nagging at our quality of life. Individually each value of ESSENCE of wellness is powerful, but collectively they have exponential potentials that you can be in a position to take control of it because what I am informing you on is not a balancing act of wellness, on the contrary it is actually applying balance in your life.  Like in nature everything works efficiently when it’s in balance. 

In features to come, I will be discussing specific elements of environmental health factors and providing specific solution technologies, modalities, and concepts that are forward thinking, cutting edge, and simple, but life changing. Wellness is more than just the absence of ; it is a state of feeling fully alive. 

I have always felt that health is not a luxury, it is a necessity, and with a foundation of health through informed wellness you will have the strategy and solutions you need to overcome health challenges and improve your quality of life to fulfill your dreams. 

In the next issue of ML Magazine look for my feature on ………. Global Environmental Solutions for the Home.


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