Pre-screening Questionnaire

Prior to booking your Vital Detox Retreat, you must read and acknowledge your understanding of the information below. Additionally, all questions must be answered.


Ideally, the cleansing program should have been done BEFORE becoming pregnant. We DO NOT allow people to cleanse while they are nursing or pregnant.

Before beginning a cleansing program, please be advised that your health is your own responsibility. I am not a MEDICAL AUTHORITY or ADVISER. Should you have any DOUBTS about your HEALTH, MEDICATIONS or ANY PREEXISTING CONDITION, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR MEDICAL PRACTITIONER FIRST.

Also, although I usually fly right through a cleanse and feel good/great most of the time, some people may experience the following symptoms: Fever, headaches, random body aches, fatigue, skin eruptions (rash), emotional irritability (mood swings), gas, temporary constipation or diarrhea, temporary loss of menstruation, vomiting, nausea, rapid heart rate, hot and cold flashes (cold and hot sweats), and possible lightheadedness.

There is also a possibility that you may start your menstrual cycle earlier than usual as this is also a way for the body to cleanse. So please be prepared for that.

You may also feel a "natural high", bouts of extreme euphoria, laughter, giggling, joy, happiness... so beware... this may also have a lasting effect until well after the cleanse is over!!!

If you are coming off caffeine then you will most likely have some withdrawal symptoms, such as headaches, maybe flu-like symptoms. Most likely for only a day or two. Sorry… makes you think twice about going back onto it (caffeine that is, not the cleanse).

One of my goals is for you to leave on a better health plan than when you arrived. Please understand, I am not offering any new fad or idea. They may be new to you at this time… they may not. These ideas have been around for CENTURIES. All you have to do is SHOW UP and do what is recommended. I know I already said this. I just wanted to say it again!!


Pre-screening Questionnaire


This portion is a must I will not accept a walk in without prior pre-screening. The main reason is that a 4 day retreat is not enough time to get the whole protocol in during the retreat. So some of the cleansing packets and stimulators have to be sent to you so that you can start with the pre-cleanse process. Please call me 813-220-4533 so we can get all the particular information-from you before the event.


Prescreening questions:

Please answer the following prescreening questions. Everyone needs to be at a certain level of health in order for me to facilitate you though THIS cleanse and for you to reap the full benefits. THIS cleanse is very intense and effective. Don't let that scare you in any way as many people breeze right though it!!

For example, an individual that has gone through chemotherapy within the last 3 years has a very toxic body. The cleanse will release these toxins too quickly and they may become very ill. Other health conditions can cause other complications during the cleanse ranging from mild to severe.

Just because you may answer yes to some of these questions does not mean that you cannot participate. Most people are just fine to do this cleanse. Please be absolutely truthful. Failure to reveal all your health issues could result in your not being able to complete the cleanse.

Please answer yes or no to these questions and if you feel the need to explain then feel free to do so.

Do you presently have or have you ever had any of the following:

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*****Also, I reserve the right to change any aspect of the program at any time.


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