Madhavi Glick CHT/ Breath work and Thai yoga

Combining the meditations of Bhakti Yoga  and transformative breathing  techniques, my goal is to facilitate your positive transformation of consciousness. Very practically minded, I aim to make the process easy and simple. Effortlessly and naturally cleanse away toxic thoughts and emotions from past conditioning and injuries with each exhale and inhale. Cleanse negative emotions and experience deep relaxation through Bhakti-Prana Breathwork.


In 2008 Madhavi graduated from The Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Combining the structure of hypnotic trance, Bhaktipran (breathwork) with Bhakti meditations, she has a presentation that is unique and powerful. Madhavi has studied with the leading scholar of Bhakti, Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayan Maharaja. She has traveled to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, India, England, Holland, and Italy speaking and sharing these amazing gifts.


Physical detoxification and optimum health can only be obtained from inside out, from our innermost self out to our bodies. Our mental, emotional, and spiritual self must be healthy first and foremost. Most physical ailments begin with and end with our thoughts and emotions and all of them require emotional and mental health to fully cure. That doesn't mean you need to spend lots of time and attention examining all your unwanted thoughts and feelings. Paying lots of attention to them and identifying yourself with them makes them too important to get over. Besides, your life follows your attention so we don't want to pay attention to our problems. However, clear awareness of our emotional and mental toxins is essential to cleanse them. Ignoring them, pretending they're not there, keeping them hidden or buried are all covert ways of making them too important to even acknowledge and get over. Discover how to get past them by paying primary attention to who you are at your best and in your best life with a peripheral awareness of the unwanted obstacles, considerations, and toxic thoughts and feelings as you move past them and put them in your rear view mirror and arrive at your most powerful and enlivened self. Not only will you attain your topmost health; you will also become your topmost self in your ideal life.


I hope to empower you to begin your own transformative health practices at home. Trained in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotic Breathwork, Core Transformation and other powerful modalities, I will create a personalized session to work with your particular needs.


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