The Emotional and Physical Connections


Balancing the health of our gut plays a huge part on the Emotional Detox. A Sattvic and herbal cleanse detox diet carefully planed and prepared with the right intensions of energy is imperative to a successful emotional detox. Sattvic means pure essence. It nourishes the body and mind and puts it in a peaceful state.

Emphasis must be placed on nourishment and the way it is prepared . When the essence is pure, this detox, along with being good for healthy living, is particularly good for keeping our minds clear, happy and at peace from the negative emotions that we feel on a daily basis. It's a diet designed for the development of higher consciousness.

The 'life-force' of organic fresh fruits and vegetables is the essence of Pi foods. Pi means energy and life force. It requires avoiding canned and processed food, and foods prepared with chemical fertilizers or sprays. It also means properly prepared fresh foods. Foods prepared with the right intentions will add to their Sattvic quality.

These foods are known to raise awareness and consciousness they are high in Energy. More specifically, Pi foods are natural, organically grown, and as unrefined as possible. Modern food processing takes the energy out of many foods and makes them heavy, impotent, and lifeless- or simply "dead food."

When participating in an emotional and Biological cleanse it is important to understand the mind- body connection. If the gut is not in balance The communication between the brain and the Gut will be minimal. Why is that so important?

The gut is home to about 1,000 trillion bacteria. The gut also contains around 100 million nerve cells (neurons), more than in either the spinal cord or the peripheral nervous system. This multitude of neurons in the enteric nervous system enables us to "feel" the inner world of our gut and its contents.

Neurons in the gut also use serotonin to signal back to the brain - and 95% of all serotonin in the body is in the gut. About 90 percent of the fibers in the primary visceral nerve, the vagus, carry information from the gut to the brain.

Generally when people think of "gut feelings," they are thinking about instinctive-like reactions such as the "butterflies" or "hollow feelings" one may get due to fear, bad news or an upcoming daunting task. Now it is apparent that other serious conditions may originate at least partially in the gut. Maintaining a healthy and cleansed digestive system, including a healthy intestinal flora mix, could be a key in helping to prevent and control such conditions.

So what kind of foods can make a difference in keeping the gut's integrity in tacked. First, Attention is immediately placed on healing the gut by avoiding irritating sources like sugar and processed foods. The second principle is all about injesting beneficial microorganisms. This is done through high quality probiotic supplements and fermented foods. These two processes together starve out yeast and bad bacteria while adding in symbiotic organisms that help supply the body with critical B vitamins and trace minerals while repairing the intestinal lining. Finally, detoxifying the body of waste product through avoidance of toxins and specific detoxification modalities. One, could include drinking fresh vegetable juices that is full of chlorophyll and anti-oxidants. Chlorophyll is a natural blood purifier that pulls organic toxins out of the body.

Another aspect is living a pain free lifestyle and keeping a healthy gut is by incorporating anti-inflammatory food sources that are built around healthy fat sources, phytonutrient rich fruits & vegetables and raw nuts & seeds. Healthy protein sources include organic eggs, free range chicken, grass-fed beef & wild game. Naturally fermented foods such as homemade sauerkraut, kimchee and coconut kefir are necessary.

Here are something's we either don't know or haven't been told but very important to food combining. Eat fruit on its own and not with meals. This is due to the simple carbohydrates that digest much different than thicker proteins and fats. Small pieces of fruit are acceptable for active children as a snack between meals.

Fatty acids are of particular importance in order to provide essential raw materials to rebuild the gut and brain. These fats include healthy meat sources as listed above, organic butter, ghee, coconut products, olive oil and avocados.

An often overlooked source of healthy fats and other super nutrients is organic meat and fish stock. Chicken and beef soup have been used as a natural immune aid for centuries due to the powerful nutritional value provided. The marrow of the bone contains many fat soluble nutrients such as Vitamin A, D, & E. The bone/bone marrow complex is also the animals' richest source of minerals.


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