About Maurice

Maurice Loeb for the last 13 years has been working to educate the importance of the mind/body connection in order to heal itself efficiently.

Maurice considers himself an educator of health promoting common-sense medicine. Maurice is called upon to speak on a plethora of health subjects and communicates in a way everyone understands. He is a nationally certified phlebotomist and Certified in the field of Microbiology called Microscopy. He makes the connection of how our emotions can trigger biological changes and how the lack of our inner wellness effects our emotional state. Included in his live blood viewing is a personal assessment of lifestyle, environmental and emotional bioterrain analysis. Maurice will personalize your personal detox program while at home or when attending one his retreats. The retreat experiences are life changing. The past several years his certification in Lymphology has given him a valuable tool in addressing the depth of detoxification.

Maurice also has expertise in other valadative modalities such as first glance technique, Body Work, Jin Shin Jyutsu and tongue analysis. pH balancing and specific gravity for circadian rhythm is a great tool for homeostasis. Breath rate and breath hold for energy production information.  Other detox expertise is in lymphatics, skin, kidneys, liver,lungs and colon. Electrolytes are very important to the body being deficient or having access is detrimental to the body. These are all the quantitative perspective to health. The numbers from the physiological biofeedback and the experience of the microscopic journey into your blood will give the ideal audit to your biological and emotional systems. He finds his passion in identifying the emmotional component to Cancer, now he educates clients in the importants of clearing the emmotions as an emmotional Cancer coach.

Currently he tours nationally and internationally lecturing and counseling on Health, Nutrition, Emotional and Biological Detox and Cleansing. He is the facilitator of an annual Emotional and Biological Retreat, where he incorporates his knowledge of Vital Energies for healing. His awareness of the mind body connection and how it's related to our health is a vital part of his educational process. In addition he is also completing his Doctorate in Naturopathy. His areas of expertise include but are not limited to Auto-Immune and Degenerative Disease Nutrition. He custom designs Nutritional programs to fit the individuals needs and life styles as well as living and dry blood microscopy which can reveal many anomalies. During the session a single drop of blood taken painlessly from your finger is being viewed for education and empowerment. Together we will view the magnified world of blood cells on a monitor and communicate potential risk factors and deficiencies that are not evident unless viewed under a microscope. It's been said and written that Life is in the Blood, it's also the Rosetta Stone to our body. It reveals the mystery of many nutritional and emotional challenges. Maurice feels that through targeted lifestyle change interventions,  deficiencies can be altered. These include stress, infection, oxygen uptake, free radical damage, immune system activity, allergies, parasitic activity, precursors to chronic illnesses and life perception observations. Maurice's  services are offered on certain dates only. Please call to synchronize your visit with the dates he is available.

One of his best kept secrets are his interactions with animals, he showed and bred dogs in confirmation and obedience. He understands they have feelings, emotions and perceptions, because of that we have to look at emotions as well when they are not feeling up to par. A change in the pets biology does not always have to come from his diet . With Live blood Analysis the blood will tell you, because your pet can't.

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Internationally known in this field with excellent results, Bio-terrain Live and Dried Blood Viewing is:

  • A simple prick of blood from the finger put under the microscope is all that is required to do see how healthy you really are.
  • Using a high power microscope and video presentation, you will see your blood live! A relationship with your health that is unparalleled.

You will:

  • Learn how to look after your cells, blood, plasma and consequently the whole body which it serves.
  • Know how to make changes to create optimal, health and energy.
  • Join your concious with your subconcious as you learn that everything is interconnected and why.
  • Using only natural healing modalities to include foods, water, air, rest and relaxation and supplements to re balance your body.

Live blood never lies

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