Maurice Loeb CPT,CNHP, Microscopist, Vision Coach

Maurice's teachings through the use of a Darkfield microscope and Naturepathic education is known as "biological medicine." This pleomorphic modality looks at the emotional and physical experiences of the body in relation to health, the educational process puts the emphasis on the root of the problem rather than attending to the symptoms as they develop.



pilates and exercise/under construction



Noemi Negron/Meditation and Yoga

Noemi's life's path has been devoted to deliver the truth of cosmic energy she found when focusing on rebalancing people’s body, mind and soul.

Madhavi Glick CHT/ Breath work and Thai yoga

Combining the meditations of Bhakti Yoga  and transformative breathing  techniques, my goal is to facilitate your positive transformation of consciousness. Very practically minded, I aim to make the process easy and simple. Effortlessly and naturally cleanse away toxic thoughts and emotions from past conditioning and injuries with each exhale and inhale. Cleanse negative emotions and experience deep relaxation through Bhakti-Prana Breathwork.


Energy healing/under construction

 Are you living a life of optimal health or just existing?" Optimal health is your birthright and empowers you to take ownership of your 'body temple.


Live blood never lies

Cleanse your body & mind