The Vital Detox Cleanse

Why do my body and mind need cleansing?

One of the reasons is to remove "toxins" from your body. In particular, the impacted "toxic" waste that is STUCK in the bowel (the large and small intestines). It is pure poison. Another, is to remove stress and dis-ease causing "toxic" emotions from your mind. The Vital Detox Cleanse is more than just a colon cleanse and is dramatically effective. It is amazing how quickly people respond to just one customized  cleanse. This may be exactly what your body and mind need. Make Your Appointment Today!


The Benefits of a Cleanse

What changes and benefits can I expect to see?

Thankfully reversing the effects of a "toxic" colon and "toxic" mind only takes a small fraction of the time it took to create them...

Fasting is a powerful and effective way to eliminate toxins from the cells, bloodstream and every organ in your body. You will strengthen your immune system, sharpen your mental clarity, have improved skin tone, sleep better, improved energy, vitality and sense of well being.

Cleansing will also remove pollutants that make you sluggish and tired. You will reduce water retention, bloating and constipation. Aches and pains will be relieved. You will lose or gain weight; whichever is best for you. You will be able to live life to the fullest with health, happiness and a sense of well-being!




The Meaning of Detox

What does it mean to Emotionally and Biologically Cleanse and Detoxify?


Cleansing is the process of eliminating toxins from the body In particular, the toxic waste that is impacted in the colon (large intestine). It is pure poison.

Detoxification is the natural process of filtering wastes from the cells, organs and bloodstream. You will be jump starting your body into these processes in the most effective manner. When you cleanse and detoxify physically you will also be doing so emotionally.

Emotions send messages to every cell in the body, they intern react to to the environment you emotionally put the cell into. The point is that you have the power to keep almost all health challenges from developing in your body by keeping stress and negative emotions in check.


Genetics plays at most 10% of predisposed health challenges.
You will be getting "un-stuck" in many ways.


The Morease 3 or 9 Day Colon Cleanse Program

It is Imperative and Beneficial for you to do a "Pre-cleanse" first.


That means for three days prior to starting of the Vital Detox Cleanse Program... eat and drink ONLY certain things and take the appropriate stimulators and absorbers. You will be jump starting your body into these processes in the most intensive and effective manner.

 Pre-cleanse steps are:

  • First lower the portion size of your meals.
  • Any raw fruit or vegetable. The veggies may be steamed or cooked. Just remember that when you cook anything it lessens if not kills all the nutritional value.
  • You may have teas (caffeine-free) and LOTS of filtered water. You may add lemon to the water. You may have any kind of juice (preferably vegetable). Also, if possible have fresh squeezed organic!
  • THAT'S IT. Do the best you can... it will make the cleanse even more effective.


If you are used to eating red meat, chicken, turkey etc .make your portions smaller during the pre cleanse. You will also be taking stimulators and cleanse packets during the precleanse to get the system prepped. All instructions will be easy to understand and support by me will be available.


Unless you have cleansed and detoxed your body then you most likely suffer from
“Dunlap’s Syndrome”... Your tummy DUN LAPPED over your pants!!!!


Live blood never lies

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