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Reduce Emotional Stress - Rejuvenate - Detox - Lose Weight

Come share an inspirational and fun filled Emotional and Biological Detox Retreat in an exotic location of the world.

Take the time to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul through our four cleansing protocols... Biological therapy, Breath therapy, Movement therapy and Meditation.

Learn about the energetic body, socialize with other like-minded people or just plain relax! Recharge and empower yourself in these beautiful and inspiring natural environments, chosen especially to optimize the Vital Detox Experience. Reserve Your Spot Today!


St. Pete Beach, Florida USA

NEW for 2017 Biological and Emotional Detox Retreat


3- 5 or 9 night stay in the Oasis of St. Pete Beach INCLUDES:

  • biological ionization assessment.
  • Wellness Water.
  • Rejuvenating Air in your room.
  • Certified Pilates instructions.
  • Professional Massage based on type and need.
  • Daily Journaling.
  • Lymphatic targeting and movement.
  • The movie of the day...
  • One on one session with Maurice to better understand prevention by addressing your perceptions. The root cause os most diseases.
  • Meridian energy balancing with Maurice.
  • The above modalities will be scheduled basedon  initial assessments and concerns.


This one on one retreat is well priced to be available for everyone.

3 day Retreat with all above services - $2800
5 day retreat with all above services - $3800

9 day inquire price quote

Price will be adjusted if it is created as a couple.


Now Accepting Reservations for the 2017 Season (click here)



Walk to award-winning St. Pete Beach, unwind next on our beatifull beaches, or visit one of our many nearby shops, restaurants, & cultural centers. Vital Detox retreats invite you to relax, enjoy, rejuvinate and cleanse!

Costa Rica

Costa Rica Biological and Emotional Detox Retreat

Samasati Nature Retreat Center - visit online

Samasati is an exquisite eco resort nestled into a 250 acre biological reserve in the tropical rainforest. The property perches atop a verdant jungle plateau which provides a clear view of the Caribbean Sea. With its lush landscapes and coconut-tree-lined beaches, Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast is a beach and nature lover's dream. The secluded site, high in the hills (about 600 feet above sea level), offers the chance to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy the beauty of luxuriant natural surroundings. The temperature is a pleasant 80 degrees year round. Not too hot, not too humid, this alone is a treat to the muscles. The Yoga rooms at Samasati are two exquisitely designed, hexagonal buildings surrounded by jungle and gardens. Screened and ventilated, the rooms are equipped with a quality sound system and foam mats. Samasati accommodations provide comfortable beds, screened french doors, polished wood floors, and spacious verandahs with hammocks and breathtaking views. Come and absorb the healing and rejuvenating power of nature!


Kona Biological and Emotional Detox Retreat


This private healing sanctuary offers five acres overlooking the magnificent Kailua Kona Coast with stunning panoramic ocean horizon views. The Kona Biological and Emotional detox retreat  is a perfect place to rejuvenate with the support of nature and beauty all around.


Peru Biological and Emotional Detox Retreat


If you ever wondered what it would feel like to be connected to the power of nature, Peru is the place. The combination of Biological and Emotional purging in a spiritual location of the world enhances the true meaning of cleansing.


Live blood never lies

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