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Why analyze my live blood by microscope?

The condition and quality of your red blood cells have a direct impact on your present and future health, with stress and disease appearing in the blood years before they manifest in the body. Live blood viewing allows us to bio-terrain map your body's systems and customize the Vital Detox Program to your body and mind. Make Your Appointment Today!




Live Blood Viewing


What is Real time microscopic blood viewing?

Live Blood Viewing, sometimes referred to as Live Blood Analysis, or sometimes Dark Field Microscopy Biological Terrain Assessment, uses a fresh drop of blood from the client's finger, that has not been killed by staining. It is then viewed under a special, very powerful microscope using a dark field condenser and connected to a camera. This enables the blood sample to be illuminated, making the various components phosphorescent behind a dark background.

This makes it possible to see very small particles, smaller than a cell that would not normally be visible under a normal light microscope. All the living components of the blood are seen clearly, and can be viewed by the client and educator using a video camera a with a large monitor. What  most people like about this is they can see in real time their blood moving on the screen, and in some cases the poor or good condition of the blood.  It excites clients, as they see visually the changes over time during their lifestyle and environmental changes.

Video Microscopy of Live and Dried Blood Analysis is a unique technique used to monitor individual effectiveness of therapies. The two applications are modeled through three viewing techniques: Phase Contrast and Dark Field (Live Blood), and Bright Field (Dried Layered Blood), also known as the Oxidative Stress Test.

Testing Services and Pricing

Salivary Hormone Testing

Price - US $300

Saliva testing is an easy non-invasive way of assessing your hormone balancing needs or status. This information allows you to supplement hormones according to a plan tailored to your needs. Well-balanced hormones regulate everything from reproduction to emotions, general health and well-being. An imbalance of any one hormone can throw physical and mental health out of balance, causing aggravating and even serious health problems. Learn More


Iodine Spot & 24-hr Load Testing

Price - US $110

The identification and treatment of an iodine deficiency has obvious benefits. In order to determine the daily amount of essential iodine required for whole body sufficiency, an Iodine Loading Test must be performed. This test is based on the premise that the more iodine-deficient the body is, the more ingested iodine is retained, and the less is excreted in the urine.


BloodDrop™ Testing

Price - US $99

We now offer the BloodDrop. Vitamin D test, a convenient and accurate dry blood test methodology researched and developed for convenient, home collection of your sample without the inconvenience of venipuncture.


Hair Mineral Analysis

Price - US $100

I have been wanting to incorporate Hair mineral analysis in conjunction with LBV for quite a while now, it's a perfect fit, finally I found a reliable lab that does a very thorough affordable analysis, Trace Elements is the company I chose. Below are some reasons you might find it to be of value in the pursuit towards a healthier you. Prevention is the most powerful tool to empower you to control your own health. These are some common question related to HMA. I am constantly moving forward in finding the best possible technologies, products, concept and ideas to better serve you. We should never stand still we must always move forward like time and life itself we must flow forward in our thoughts and in possibilities to be open towards a quest in knowing what we don't know. Only then will we be free of the fear of the unknown. There is no magic bullet, the magic is in living life in balance and in harmony. Health is a mystery, particularly in these tough times, being open to modalities that are not main stream and Allopathic in thought is more crucial today then ever before. Learn More


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