Live Blood Viewing and Detox Pricing

WIn Office Visits:

Price - US $150 - In office live and dry blood cell viewing 2 hour session

Price - US $95 - In office live blood viewing 45 minutes to one hour


Fees and services offered as a guest practitioner:

Price - US $95- When a guest speaker/practitioner at an event 45 minutes

Included in the deluxe 9 day colon detox cleanse:

  • Digestive stimulator
  • Toxin absorbers
  • alklizing organic greens
  • Maurice's Capsicum tincture
  • probiotics
  • Vital Detox design water bottle
  • $165.00
  • Basic pakage price is 95.00


Or the 3 day Morease Vital detox cleanse:

This kit has no herbs, the Mucoid plaque is removed with Palm oil fibers. See the Colon cleanse program for more information. This is the cleanse used in the Vital Emotional and Biological Detox Retreat.



All Detox cleanses are designed for each individual's personal needs, the above cleanses are designed to remove mucoid plaque and put the body in balance. This will begin the healing process.



You no longer have to wait for our yearly retreats,  now you can participate in your very own private ONE on ONE retreat at your convenience, ALL YEAR LONG!  3 to 9 nights of Body and Mind connection on  St. Pete Beach, Florida.  An unforgettable Detox, weight loss and well being experience you will want to return too... We are now adding PRIVATE BREAST DETOX RETREATS and HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS/TONE RETREATS.


  •  The emotional and biological detox Cleanse experience includes but is not limited to:
  • 3-9 night stay at the most relaxing energized retreat locations on or arround St. Pete Beach Florida.
  • 3-9 night  Vital Emotional and biological Detox Cleanse one on one attention Retreat.
  • 2 live and dry cell viewings, at the start and at the end of the retreat.
  • cleansing kits will be made available before or during the retreats.
  • Massages - Daily Yoga -Daily  Meditation - Juicing - Biomat detox -Saunas- Detox well being suites.
  • All suites are equipped with Ionized cleansing air, Alkaline water.
  • Private energy sessions with Maurice


Included in the package are all supplements and  juices, there is also skin brushing, the brush will be furnished. Detox FIR Biomat sessions. Protocol on a special "liver cleanse" that will further detox (with the 3 day fast) to be done post colon cleanse. Probiotics for after cleanse support. Record pH and specific gravity for Circadian Rhythm. Breath rate and breath hold for energy production determination. Other detox expertise are the six areas of elimination the lymphatics, skin, kidneys, liver, lungs and colon. Electrolytes are very important to the body being deficient or having excess is detrimental to the body. These are all the quantitative perspectives to health. Food combining and acid alkaline foods will be discussed.  in addition an a  La Carte Menu is also provided and posted in your room for added pampering an detoxing experiences. My practitioner's have specialized skills, experience and expertise. Schedule your Retreat dates TODAY.


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Prior To Your Live Blood Viewing Appointment

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PREPARATION for the Live Blood Cell Viewing:

No food 4 hours prior test.If your appointment is after 10am limit fats in your diet for 4 hours prior to the test. Avoid dairy foods, eggs, bread containing oil, nuts and meat. You may have dry 7 grain cereal, fruit (no avocados), rice and oatmeal.

Avoid all remedies containing fat: i.e.: Capriole, Evening Primrose Oil, Vitamin E, Flax Oil. You can resume taking these remedies after the procedure.Drink water or Herb Tea, this makes the blood separate and allows for better visualization of each cell. Please drink a minimum of 6 glasses of GOOD water prior to the test to ensure that your body is well hydrated. Avoid all forms of physical activity for 24 hours prior to the blood test.

Did I mention sleep? 

If you experience hypoglycemia please let us know so that we can book your appointment early in the day, and bring some juice and food to eat immediately after the test.


Live blood never lies

Cleanse your body & mind

Exotic locations